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With is now Learn more at and create your free, instant meeting room!

A virtual office for your remote team

Remote work is awesome, but what about the quick questions, hallway decisions, and bonds we build by working together?

Feel the space

Remember when you could tap on someone’s shoulder, joke with a coworker, or walk with them outside for a chat?

Spatial audio

Step in the action or find a quiet spot to noodle on your own.

Video Chat

Quickly go heads-up with video, when voice is not enough.

Screen share

Everybody can share their screen at the same time!

A place for everything

With is not just an audio and video conference tool. It is as a shared desktop for your chats, apps, files, and fun.

Bring your tools

Embed Google Docs, Trello, Coda, Figma, Airtable, and more.

Built in accessories

Handy accessories like sticky notes, whiteboards, and links.

Store everything

100 GB to store all of your slide decks, docs, memes and assets.

From our users

Motive is a remote-only company with our team scattered across the country. With is our office.

Kai Gray

CEO & Co-founder at Motive

The ability to have all communication tools in one window is something we really appreciate.

Jon Schneider

Art Director

With helped me and my teammates restore the serendipity we lost when working remotely.

Alexander Vilinskyy

Product Designer

Teams use With for

Teams and organizations can have an infinitely expandable network of public and private rooms, each used for a specific task.

Why With

A fast changing workplace

Over the last few decades remote employees and distributed teams have slowly become an acceptable accommodation. But COVID inspired a massive remote work experiment and the results show that remote work should be a primary workforce strategy.

It is better for employers, employees, and the planet. Nearly 40% of workers can perform their jobs remotely.

Rethinking the office as the central platform

The central office was the first platform, enabling in-person synchronous communication and access to shared resources.

As demand for commercial office real estate shrinks—like commercial retail shrunk in the face of e-commerce success—With will fill the gap, providing a rich platform of communication and collaboration that gives teams the place they need to do great things together.

The future of team collaboration

With is about much more than communication. It is a collaborative platform for teams that puts people in a virtual space alongside the tools and content they need.

With blurs the line between virtual office and collaborative desktop. As the team's productivity tools and apps move to the browser, With will become more and more your team's operating system.