Your place to hangout, collaborate, and socialize.

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Stay connected

With is the place to stay connected throughout your day with colleagues, friends and family. Unlike temporary video calls, it’s built around the shared experiences and personal interactions we rely on everyday.

People hanging out in the virtual room with music playing, a link to a document, a person raising their hand and a person being away.

Huddle up

Talk with everyone in the room, connect one on one, or huddle in a small group while staying connected to the room.

Two groups of people huddled in separate conversations.

Customize your room

Choose your own wallpaper or add ambient music to style your room for team collaboration, family hangouts, or your next game night.

An interface to customize the wallpaper in the room.


Challenge your friends to trivia games, listen to music together, add timers, watch videos, and lots more with built-in accessories.

A grid of accessories icons that you can add to the room. A group of people mixed in with accessories, like a calendar, a music player, and a timer.