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Meet the With team in their virtual office

We are a team of 6. From east to west, we are all spread through out the entire United States.
A blond guy with a cat in his hair and 3 cats on his shoulders

Alexey Chernikov

Citizen of the world. Tango, travel, guitar, and software.

Location iconNew York

A guy with sunglasses, and a cat on his shoulder also with sunglasses

Grant Forrest

Loves bringing ideas to life. Break hours enforced by cat.

Location iconNorth Carolina

A guy with a long beard, a pair of headphones and a tiny dog on his shoulder.

Jesse Tyler

Pioneer of couch based engineering. Tiny dog champion.

Location iconCalifornia

A girl with glasses and a pony tail.

Farrah Yoo

Enthusiastic cat doodler who doesn't have a cat yet.

Location iconTexas

A guy with a slightly unshaved face, and a little dog on his shoulder.

Chris Bourdon

Family, dogs, basketball, learner, remote work advocate.

Location iconCalifornia

A guy with long hair, a goatee, and a black and white cat on his shoulder.

Laurent Baumann

Terrariums and souls-like games, snacks and cat hair everywhere.

Location iconCalifornia

Who we are

An illustration of the whole team sitting on a comfortable couch, in a cosy living room.


It's the heart of our product, and of our team. We invent, convince, and execute together.

Life Learners

There's always something new to learn and improve. And not only in technology.


We prioritize direct, in-person communication—particularly when resolving conflict.

Our Investors

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