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Virtual interviews and new hires onboarding

Personal. Fluid. Efficient. That's how an interview should feel for both sides. With gives you a customizable, collaborative space to conduct virtual hiring that feels like you're in the same room.

A collaborative space

Your assessment tools

Easily embed web applications into your room or add rendered documents, images and videos.

Built-in accessories

Whiteboards, sticky notes, and collaborative documents make conversation richer.

Multi-user screen-share

Both you and the candidate can drag an application from your screen into the interview.

Customize room

Prep the room with all the materials you need for each interview.

A set of different wallpapers used to organize the space
A screenshot of a room containing different files and accessories.

A persistent space

With rooms persist so the team can revisit the notes and content created during the interview.

Shareable room links

You can easily share With room links and include them in calendar invites.

A screenshot of a text box containing the shareable Room link

From our blog

An illustration of a man and a woman engaging in a job interview

How to conduct successful virtual interviews in a With space

When we invite people into our offices in hopes of having them join our team, we want to make a great impression. We design our offices to be inviting so the candidate will want to work there. We make sure their journey through the day is well managed and timely. We welcome them enthusiastically, making sure they are cared for with hopes that they leave with a smile on their face excited to join the team.

But when we hire remote, the candidate experience is defined by the tools we use. Instead of candidates seeing your company’s unique identity, all they see is Zoom’s identity. Instead of a well managed day, candidates bounce around from Zoom call to Zoom call. And at the end of the day, they are more likely fatigued and exhausted than excited to join the team.

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An illustration of people having a job interview with chat bubbles in the background.

How to be a good interviewer, Q&A with former Twitter VP Engineering

Rich Paret is a tech leader who was formerly a VP of Engineering at Twitter, a Senior Director at Google, and an early leader at many startups. He has built and scaled teams both large and small, and most recently started his own company to fix what's broken in the hiring process.

I asked Rich a few questions on how he developed a framework for hiring from his experience building teams.

Our tips for hiring managers based on key takeaways from the conversation are:

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Teams use With for

Teams and organizations can have an infinitely expandable network of public and private rooms, each used for a specific task.